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100% Automatically
Remove Video Background Online with AI

Whether you are a novice or a professional video editor, removing the original video background and replacing it with a new one will make your content eye-catching.

With smart Vid BG Remover, you can isolate the human portraits from the background of the video, even without green screen backdrops. Our AI will automatically remove the background, so there is no need to select the object in the video, pick the colors, or draw the masks.

remove and change video background in Vid BG Remover
isolate animal from video background
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isolate object from video background
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isolate glowing object from video background
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detect and isolate architecture from video background
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Tip: online video background remover works best with videos containing human portrait for now.

Who is Video BG Remover for?

It's for everyone, from beginners to seasoned pros alike. You can remove the background from your video directly
from your browser by using the video background eraser.

remove video background for influencers

For Influencers

The background of your video needs to be related to the theme of your video. But sometimes, we can go beyond with a transparent background. Video BG Remover helps you create videos that have an innovative look, such as running on the moon or making a talking-head video with different backgrounds. Unleash your creativity with a transparent video background. Vid BG Remover erases backgrounds from presentations and informational webinar videos. Teachers can easily record videos, like PPTs, with any background and then remove the background with ease. You can quickly achieve it whether you have recorded the video with a green screen background or not. After that, you can combine your avatar video and the presentation screencasts into a new one.

Videos play an integral role in the e-commerce business. Creating a video with different backgrounds is vital for attracting customers. Since you can composite the video with transparent background with any new scenario background, using Vid BG Remover can help you save money in many cases.

Creating a video can be overwhelming for novice editors. Hence, you can use the Vid BG Remover to remove and change video backgrounds online, from music videos to travel vlogs, and give them a refined look.
You can also portray videos in different scenarios by changing the background, such as dancing with your idol, playing a football game with your favorite star, or traveling in your favored location.

How to Remove Background from Video without Green Screen?

remove background from video

Import Your Video Clip

Launch our online video background remover on your browser to initiate the process, click the Upload button and then choose the file whose background you want to remove.

Remove Video Background Automatically

Once your video is uploaded, our platform will start processing it and automatically erase the background from the video. This process can take several minutes based on the original video length.

Preview and Download

Once this free video background remover erases the background of your video, you will see the result in the preview window. Click the Download button to save the video for free.

Benefits of Using Online Vid BG Remover

AI powered video background removal icon

AI-Powered Video
Background Removal

Our AI tool will detect, recognize, and isolate people from the video background and then remove the background. It's done 100% automatically, even without a green screen backdrop.

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Remove Background Online

Since the background removal process is done on the browser, our Vid BG Remover works on any device: Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook.

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Background Removed
with Stunning Results

Remove the background and keep the foreground of your video accurate without losing quality. You can then create professional quality videos without relying on professional green screens.

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Frequently Asked Questions about
Vid BG Remover

question mark icon 1. What is video background remover?

A video background remover is software that removes the background and other unwanted elements from a video clip, which is helpful if you want to create a composite video.

To remove the video background for free, you can turn to Vid BG Remover, which provides a free trial to all users. If you have signed up, you can get 5 minutes to download the video with transparent background for free.

Yes, absolutely. Vid BG Remover is launched to speed up the editing process. It removes background video online without using complex techniques like green screen or chroma-keying.

Yes, you can do that soon. With, you can remove the video background and change it to make your video content look appealing and eye-catching.

No, not at all. Erasing the background with this online video background remover app doesn’t affect the overall quality.

You can upload a video in MP4 or MOV format to online video background remover. After removing the video background, you can download it in a transparent WEBM format.

While the list of the best online video background remover is long, we have compiled the best 5 of them so that you can make an appropriate choice: Unscreen, Vid BG Remover, Cutout Pro,, and Kapwing.

comma before I'm looking for a simple yet powerful video background remover. No green screen, no timeline, and video editing experience are needed. And then I come across the Vid BG Remover! It's amazing! Simple, yes! Powerful, yes! comma after

Karen profile Karen

comma before I have been using the online video editor for some time. But to be honest, it lacks some advanced features, such as chroma key compositing. And now, the Vid BG Remover is alive. I can now remove the background from the video, even without the chroma keying. comma after

Clair profile Clair

comma before As a YouTuber, I always need to combine my video into different backgrounds to make the content appealing and interesting. I use several video editing tools to make my video, and I use Vid BG Remover to get the video with transparent background, whether I'm using the Windows computer on the computer or working from home with my MacBook. comma after

Judy profile Judy

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